Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Urban Chicken Farming with John Cassidy

Here's a video shot by the KDF for Hollygrove Market and Farm. John isn't at Hollygrove M&F anymore, but can be found at www.cassidyoutdoor.com

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The KDF Chicken Killing Demonstration

Everyone who eats meat should participate periodically in its killing. If you're not a vegetarian then do yourself a favor and eat something that you kill. There would be a lot less meat consumption if us omnivores were a little more attached to the killing portion of our meat consumption. The industrialization of our food is doing something to our subconscious; can't say exactly how it has and will effect us but it can't be good..

Thursday, December 3, 2009

To do good, and do good for ourselves

There are 3 kinds of good people:

1) Those who do good.
2) Those who do good for themselves.
3) Those who do good deeds and do well for themselves.

Throughout our childhood we are told to do good and good things will happen to us. 
Then we get a job, move out, call home and hear about how we need to do good for ourselves.
These are the 2 golden rules.

When I look around now I see that we are losing our "good middle class" - those people that do both good and do good for themselves. This decline is directly related to the demise of the small business. The small business owner is the epitome of a person doing good and doing good for oneself. We've all heard the old time stories of business owners who made their living serving their community, extending credit when needed, calling it in when it was needed.

Now when a person is in business the goal is not just to own a corner store, it's to expand, franchise, brand, grow. But these business owners still have the desire to do good, so they set up foundations, trusts, and endowments to pay others to do the good they don't have time to do themselves.

Now we have the for profit world (who do good for themselves) and the not for profit world (who do good). and continue to lose that middle class of small business owners who played each of those roles. 

Now there is a group of people who look down on their peers if they have a car that cost's less than $15,000 and a group who looks down on their peers if the car cost more than that.

Basically, I wanted to explain how the Krewe De Food's goal is for the individual cooks to do good, but also do good for themselves. We will give opportunities to others AND ourselves, and know that the desire for both is absolutely human.