Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The New Home of the Krewe De Food

The Krewe De Food was instated over a year ago in response to the opportunity to utilize a commercial kitchen at a school given over to arts education programing through a Recovery School District partnership with the New Orleans Creative Alliance. 
See the dream here:


It seemed like the perfect opportunity to create our city's 1st culinary incubator... all we had to do was completely rebuild the kitchen, and we did, and it took a long time and alot of my personal $, and we provided the food for a great Jazz Fest event, and then, we were kindly asked to vacate the school - the RSD decided they wanted the school back as a school and needed to start construction asap - that was July 2009. If you drive by and see any construction please let me know.

Insert long, depressing, interim moving a kitchen/ looking for a space part here.

About a month ago I got a mass email c/o Susan Spicer about a woman at the New Orleans Mission who was asking for financial / equipment donations.

Insert short, positive, moving kitchen equipment for a great cause part here.

In exchange for giving The Mission the equipment that was donated to us, we get to use the kitchen as an incubator on the weekends. 

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